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Lord teach me to number my days
And graph them according to your ways
Trusting you to base me in my plan
To complement your perfect diagram

Subtract the points you do not want from me
But add the values you have set for me
Divide the dividends I possess accordingly
So I can multiply them systematically.

Draw the lines I have to follow
Guide me properly with your arrow
Because sometimes I tend to be irrational
Yet all the while you want me to be rational.

Well I learn that life is like a slope
With its ascends and descends that I must cope
Going through such a wonderful formula
Is just like solving problem in algebra

Life is indeed an infinite equation
Perfected by your eternal computation
And only a minuscule yet projection
Give thanks and praise your Almighty creation

This is a prayer that I have shared with many of my math classes that uses mathematical terminology.  I’ve found that students really like this prayer even if they don’t know all of the vocabulary.  They like seeing words that they recognize scattered throughout the prayer.  It’s always a hit, and I generally use it before a test.


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