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June, 2013

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As the school year is ending, I find myself praying for my students during their exams.  The anxiety that many of them is face is nearly overwhelming, particularly those students who are taking departmental courses.  I remember the feeling that these tests, these exams, would decide my future and that one bad day could somehow affect my career or my happiness.  Now I know that things aren’t so straight forward, and that students can easily come back from one bad exam; however, that doesn’t make their pain any less real.

I pray that my students study their hardest
I pray that they see the value in their hard work
I pray that their exams are representative of what they’ve learned
I pray that they are successful
I pray that they achieve the grades that they need
I pray that they stay motivated
I pray that they don’t become too anxious
I pray that they remember that one bad grade isn’t the end of the world
I pray that I can give them what they need


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